Red Coral

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Red Coral

Red Coral also known as Laal Moonga, is a highly valued gemstone in astrology and is believed to have significant astrological uses. Here are some key points regarding the astrological use of Red Coral:


Planetary Influence:Red Coral is closely associated with the planet Mars, known as Mangal in Vedic astrology. Mars represents courage, energy, vitality, and passion. Wearing Red Coral is believed to strengthen Mars's positive influence in one's life.


Energy and Vitality: Red Coral is believed to enhance physical energy, strength, and vitality. It is often worn to counteract lethargy, boost motivation, and promote an active and dynamic lifestyle. Red coral  is particularly recommended for individuals who need a boost of energy or suffer from low stamina.


Protection and Courage:Red Coral is considered a protective stone. It is believed to shield against negative energies, accidents, and malefic influences. Wearing red coral may instill courage, fearlessness, and the ability to overcome challenges and obstacles in life.

Emotional Balance: Mars is associated with emotions and anger. Red Coral is believed to help balance emotions, reduce anger, and promote harmony. It is often worn to alleviate stress, promote emotional stability, and foster a sense of calmness.


Career and Professional Success:Red Coral is known for its association with career growth and professional success. It is believed to attract opportunities, promote leadership qualities, and enhance determination. Wearing Red Coral may help individuals excel in competitive fields, such as sports, military, and entrepreneurship.


Healing Properties:Red Coral is believed to have several physical healing properties. It is thought to aid in improving blood circulation, boosting the immune system, and supporting the healing process. Red Coral is also associated with resolving skin-related issues and improving overall well-being.


Compatibility and Relationships:Red Coral is often recommended for individuals who seek compatibility and harmonious relationships. It is believed to foster understanding, passion, and deep connection in personal relationships. Red Coral is considered particularly beneficial for those with Mars-related challenges in their astrological charts.