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Before subscribing to any service provided by Kaal Gadna, purchasing any Precious Gemstone, Semi Precious Gemstone, Agate, rosary, yantra or any other product, understand the following points very well, thereafter book the order.


Astrology is a mysterious science based on planets, they keep moving every moment, as well as planets give different effects in horoscope according to different zodiac signs or lagna. Not all people get the same effect, everyone gets the fruit of the potholes according to their activities or work, country, time, social life. Astrologers calculate and make predictions by observing the position of the planets, their degrees, etc., the predictions made by them can be accurate, sometimes not completely accurate, some times somes persons getting less negative effects and some more, as well as some people getting more positive results some getting less while planets in good position.


If astrologers suggest a remedy, and on following that remedy, success is achieved, some particular person may get more success, some may be less. It depends on how that person completed that remedy.


According to astrologer`s suggestion, wearing Gemstones, Semi precious gem stones, Agate, Rudraksha gives benefits, but the percentage of benefits it receives depends on the type of the gem, its quality and how effective it is. More powerful gemstone is more expensive. Semi precious gems, agates are less effective than expensive gems. Reality has its own importance, its effect is also visible, but it cannot be compared with Real Precious Gems.


Yantra Mala or any other product becomes effective after Prana Pratishtha and Mantra Siddha, they have their own importance. Their use requires more purity and should be established and worn with complete rituals, as well as have complete devotion, faith and dedication. These are Vedic measures, so by behaving according to Vedic rules and formulas, results are also obtained. Perform Vedic rituals, chanting mantras, havan etc. when you are completely devoted to those deities or rituals as well as to the enlightened Astrologer and Guruji or Expert who performs or gives these rituals, if you have faith and trust in them, you will get result, if there is no faith and devotion, then do not do these activities because then only time and money both are wasted.

If you do not have faith in astrology, Vedic rituals, Gems Stones, Rudraksh, Yantra, any ritual materials ordeities, planets, then stay away from all these activities.


Respect Vedic Science Experts, Astrologers or Guru. Even if you talk to them, do so keeping in mind the decorum, tell your problem completely truthfully and in detail, do not waste time to test any Astrologer, Vedic Science Expert or Guru.


If you seek advice from astrologers and Guru to solve your problems, then tell your problems in clear words, and by following the methods given by them, move towards the path of progress.


It may take some time to see the effect of Vedic rituals, but their effect lasts for a lifetime or longer. So be patient. The solution to the problems happening or coming in the life of a human being is found in the Vedic texts. You yourself can solve your own and others problems by reading and learning those scriptures and those actions.


After thinking sincerely and taking decision with your discretion, move towards this Vedic and Astrological path.


So, readers, all visitors and interested persons who are agree with this article, and patiently want to get rid of their sufferings, and want to pave their life on the path of progress. Our Astrologers, Employees and scholars welcomes you.

Thank you